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Coffee with Comrades

Feb 12, 2019

In this week's edition of Coffee with Comrades, Pearson sits down with Faye and Alex of the Socialist Rifle Association. The discussion covers a wide range of topics: the rise and fall of armed leftists, unions and armed struggle, anti-fascist and anti-racist victories, far-right reactionaries, mutual aid efforts, and...

Feb 8, 2019

In this special, bonus edition of Coffee with Comrades, Pearson details the podcast's new logo, chats changes in personnel, and unveils the brand new Patreon page for the show.

Check back next week, 2/12, for an interview with the Socialist Rifle Association.

Coffee with Comrades is a proud member of the Channel Zero...

Jan 28, 2019

**This week’s episode is dedicated to the memory of the martyrs who’ve fought and died to defend Rojava**

In this week’s edition of Coffee with Comrades, we sit down with Reed from Demand Utopia to discuss social ecology, international solidarity, and militant creativity. But, first, here’s some info on the

Jan 22, 2019

CW: Brief, general discussions of abuse.

In this week’s edition of Coffee with Comrades, Pearson sits down with Meg, a community organizer and activist in Orlando, to talk about Marxist feminism and reproductive justice. Pearson and Meg cover a host of topics: the limits of women's studies at neoliberal universities,...

Jan 15, 2019

In the second episode of our two-part special on Christianity and anarchism, Gaven Morgan joins us once again to explore the topics of anarchism, Christian mysticism, and the Eastern Orthodox church. In this section of the discussion, we chat about duality, dialectics, religion as an opiate, anti-fascist monks,...